Tattoo Cover Ups at Tattoo Lab

Is there a tattoo that you have that you regret getting? Maybe it was just “one of those nights” and now you’re stuck with it. Well it’s your lucky day!

Tattoo Lab we do a tremendous job at tattoo cover ups to ensure that the tattoo you want covered becomes nonexistent. It is not uncommon for people to change their minds about their permanent tattoo.

No matter how big the tattoo piece is we can assure you that with our skillful and talented tattoo artists can get the job done.

If you are a fan of realism tattoo art we can easily take the piece you want covered up and transform it into the unique realistic design you desire.

You want a portrait tattoo? No problem! In fact it is beyond possible that we can use your old tattoo to bring out eye popping detail in any new tattoo design. There is nothing our skilled artists can’t do!

If you have any concerns about your designs or pricing don’t hesitate to call our tattoo studio in Dublin, CA today!



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